Rap Loops III:120

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rap loops 3 cover.jpg

Rap Loops III:120

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Rap Loops III:120

Part 1 of 11

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Rap Loops III is the third in OCnotes “Rap Loops” instrumental series. Unlike Parts 1 & 2 which were dropped as individual pieces with a combined total of over 150 songs, 3 will be dropped in 11 parts.

Beginning with Rap Loops III:120

On June 21st 2019 we will be dropping one volume a week of the Rap Loops III series. Volume one will be streaming on all of the major streaming sites. Volumes 2-11 will only be available to Bandcamp subscribers & here on the OCnotes website.


  1. Let This Be The Season 4 Love

  2. Better 2 Cry

  3. Crown Heights Dookie

  4. The Strings Say Murder Dem

  5. Tunnel Fast

  6. Heart Is Claiming

  7. Dead Inside

  8. Groove Is In The Grunge

  9. Dow Jonez

  10. Barry Dreams Of Ballin

  11. Better Press Charges

  12. Chopin The Champion Robot

  13. Lollipop Jellies

  14. Techno Club Life

  15. Inglorious Mother

  16. Dee-Lite Full

  17. Stay 4 Awhile

  18. Give Up

  19. Moat Music

  20. Raised By WU-Lves

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Rap Loops 1 & 2 Available on Bandcamp Only (womp womp)