New Generation: Embracing The New Age


New Generation: Embracing The New Age

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An OCnotes Music Soul-Funk Folk album released in 2011

20 songs written and performed by OCnotes, mostly on acoustic guitar.

Recorded through “one of the darkest periods of my life”. The music plays like a fairytale from start to finish. Some of OCnotes most beautiful work.

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New Generation: Embracing The New Age

  1. Intro

  2. Hard For Nothing

  3. Radio Girl

  4. Left Hand Slalom

  5. If I Wasn’t Broke Lude

  6. If I Wasn’t Broke 2

  7. Eric the Red (Live)

  8. Johnny Break (Live)

  9. Past Future History

  10. Rzas Guitar #1

  11. Miss Make-Up

  12. Piano Song #1

  13. The Difference

  14. Grab Em With the Hooks

  15. Past Future History #2

  16. More Seriously

  17. Rzas Guitar #2

  18. Paid the Piper

  19. Guitar Practice

  20. Let Me Know

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